One-day getaway to Karuizawa

A resort town nestled in between the mountains, Karuizawa is the perfect one-day getaway to escape the hustle and bustle that Tokyo is known for. With Autumn fast approaching, we can’t recommend readers much more than to visit Karuizawa. The air is crisp, nature is bountiful, and the relax and chill atmosphere is a definite welcome to a one-day getaway.

Our team got to spend a whole day at Karuizawa, a excursion to visit and write (get away from work..) about what’s the best way to spend your time at Karuizawa. Below is a few places that we enjoyed, and we hope for you to enjoy also with us through our tour!

Naka Karuizawa

Naka-Karuizawa is a town center that offers a elegant atmosphere integrated into the woods, offering chic restaurants, shops and a hot spring bath. The center of attention of Naka-Karuizawa is Harunire Terrace, a trendy, upmarket shopping and dining area built on a wooden terrance surrounded by the forest. It’s absolutely stunning. Array of restaurants and boutiques lined up the surroundings of Harunire Terrace, giving a very modern yet nature-y vibe to the place.


Shiraito Falls

Shiraito no Taki literally means “the waterfall of white threads”, which aptly describes its appearance, as multiple streaks of water drape over the surface forming what seems like a white curtain. The site is most beautiful in summer when the vegetation is lush; it is a somewhat popular destination for autumn around late October each year. Immediately below the Shiraito Waterfall is a secondary waterfall that is shaped such that water cascades over several steps. Definitely a must-go if you’re at Karuizawa!

There you have it! While Karuizawa is certainly small, the experience that it offers impressed us in a big way and I’m sure it will impress you as well! The chic and relaxing atmosphere, coupled with stunning natural vistas is hard to beat.



Offering a stunning panorama view of Tokyo’s skyline from the 39th floor of the newly refurbished Yebisu Garden Place Tower lies Sydney and Melbourne’s darling Asian-fusion restaurant, Longrain.

Don’t confuse the posh building and the 39th floor establishment as a inaccessible place to dine. Longrain is very much a inviting restaurant. With bold brass lights and moss green bar stools, it is a inviting space to enjoy some great food and drinks.

From savory dishes to sweet and spicy, Longrain’s dish covers a whole spectrum of Asian-fusion dish that is both delicious and pleasant to look at.

Just with the old-long tradition of Southeast Asian food, Longrain’s food is designed to be shared, so bring along your friends and loved ones.

We recommend the green curry of prawns, eggplant and basil. Yes, it is a staple for Thai-dish lover and you’ve probably tried it before, but Longrain’s green curry is unmistakably delicious. Creamy coconut curry with a beautiful hint of basil aromatics, definitely not something you would want to pass up with the upcoming cold weather.

Wind Chimes at Hikawa Shrine

Each summer, Hikawa Shrine displays hundreds of wind chimes to which it sways beautifully and melodically to the summer wind.

During the wind chime season, you can add your prayers to the wind chimes by buying an emaa small wooden plaque, to write your prayer and tie to the chime. Some areas have coloured chimes, while others are clear. At night-time, it is particularly spectacular as the chimes are illuminated and there is a light show in the water feature at the front of the shrine grounds.  Occasionally, there is also live music to accompany the whole sensual experience.


In the mood for Fresh Hokkaido Ice Cream

Hokkaido have always been known to produce high-quality of dairy product such as milk. Try any dessert that are made with fresh milk from Hokkaido, such as ice cream, and you’ll be instantaneously hooked on how creamy and delicate, yet able to achieve a perfect sweetness level.

If you’re in the mood for Hokkaido’s fresh cream but are in Tokyo instead, worry not. MILK, a simply named Fresh cream speciality shop have opened in Shinjuku!

From soft cream, soft parfait, to chiffon cakes, the selection is endless for cream enthusiast.

Aman Hotel Beer Garden

Nothing can compare a cold glass of beer after work with some of the finest finger food made by the master chefs of Aman Hotel. From now till September 30th, at the ground floor of Aman Hotel, they are hosting a two hour all-you-can-drink beer and beer-based cocktails for the mere price of ¥3,500.

Did I also mentioned Aman Hotel? Aman Hotel is a new hotel from the world renowned Aman Resort. Known for its design and quality service, this summer fiesta of beer garden is not excluded from its rich service that Aman is known for.