Wind Chimes at Hikawa Shrine

Each summer, Hikawa Shrine displays hundreds of wind chimes to which it sways beautifully and melodically to the summer wind.

During the wind chime season, you can add your prayers to the wind chimes by buying an emaa small wooden plaque, to write your prayer and tie to the chime. Some areas have coloured chimes, while others are clear. At night-time, it is particularly spectacular as the chimes are illuminated and there is a light show in the water feature at the front of the shrine grounds.  Occasionally, there is also live music to accompany the whole sensual experience.


In the mood for Fresh Hokkaido Ice Cream, but are not in Hokkaido? Read Further!

Hokkaido have always been known to produce high-quality of dairy product such as milk. Try any dessert that are made with fresh milk from Hokkaido, such as ice cream, and you’ll be instantaneously hooked on how creamy and delicate, yet able to achieve a perfect sweetness level.

If you’re in the mood for Hokkaido’s fresh cream but are in Tokyo instead, worry not. MILK, a simply named Fresh cream speciality shop have opened in Shinjuku!

From soft cream, soft parfait, to chiffon cakes, the selection is endless for cream enthusiast.

Aman Hotel Beer Garden

Nothing can compare a cold glass of beer after work with some of the finest finger food made by the master chefs of Aman Hotel. From now till September 30th, at the ground floor of Aman Hotel, they are hosting a two hour all-you-can-drink beer and beer-based cocktails for the mere price of ¥3,500.

Did I also mentioned Aman Hotel? Aman Hotel is a new hotel from the world renowned Aman Resort. Known for its design and quality service, this summer fiesta of beer garden is not excluded from its rich service that Aman is known for.

Tokyo Souvenirs: FURYU’s best picks

In Tokyo and are looking for gifts to bring back to friends and family? Or perhaps you’re planning to visit Tokyo and are wondering which shops you should visit to get the perfect omiyage (gifts) to bring back home? Tokyo can definitely be a overwhelming city without a guide, but with minimal digging, literally every nooks and cranny of this town is filled with wonderful shops selling all kinds of product that is definitely viable as gifts to bring back home.

But if you’re short on time, you’ve landed on a very helpful article! We’ve rounded up three of our favorite shops, where you can get the essential gifts to bring back.

Ginza Itoya

Ginza Itoya, as its name suggest, is located in Ginza. A seven-floor mega stationary store that offers all kinds of stationary goods. From high-quality Japanese made papers to pen and pencils, many tourists and residence alike visit the store everyday looking for the right souvenirs.

^This is is Ginza Itoya’s most famous “wall-paper”, offering literally, hundresds of selection of paper and type of color. At Itoya, customers not only see, but also be able to feel and experience the texture of each paper that is made exclusively in Japan by talented makers.


Beams Japan Shinjuku

On August 2016, Beams Japan relaunched one of their flagship store in Shinjuku. Bigger, better, and definitely more hip! You’ll find a myriad of goods from shirts, crafts, to even mugs that you can customize with logos that are designed to be a blend of traditional and modern.

Unlike your traditional Beams store, this store spans a whole 6 floors of Beams goodies.

Up on the second floor, for example – labelled ‘Fashion and Design’ – you’ll find quirky wearables for both women and men, including Toyo Enterprise’s ‘Souvenir Jacket’ and rare sweatshirts by Loopwheeler. The limited clothing and product lines is only limited to this shop, so you’ll be sure to leave this shop with a fresh shirt or two that will definitely spice up your old wardrobe.


Hasegawa Saketen

For the sake lover out there, you’re in for a treat. Part of a city-wide chain, Hasegawa Saketen has a good lineup of high-quality yet reasonably priced nihonshu (sake) and other tidbits such as snacks that goes good with nihonshu. The sleek interior is definitely different than most sake establishments, a true testament to the spirit of the modern Tokyo. Staffs are friendly, and are always willing to give you a hand to find the best bottle for your tastes.

All hail the King of Japanese Summer Dessert

Another year, another summer in Japan; when the sun is scorching and humidity is at a all time high, Japanese turn to the most best possible way to make the heat more bearable. Some escape to department stores, some wear traditional clothes such as yukata.

Though in our opinion, eating Japan’s traditional summer dessert kakigori is the way to go. Not only its delectable it cools you from the inside out.

On this article, we’d like to introduce you three hottest (no pun intended) kakigori establishment in Japan. What makes this cafe stands out from the rest you ask? The three that we will list are artisanal kakigori that are made different than most normal kakigori.

Ballon D’essai

Known for its quality coffee and latte art, Ballon D’essai is also known for one other secret menu that is loved amongst many people in Tokyo, its Original Blend Espresso Kakigori. Of course it being a coffee shop, their most famous kakigori is also that of a coffee flavor. But do not be mistaken if you thought this is just a cup of ice coffee in shaved ice form.

Ice and milk are combined to create a soft, smooth body. At the bottom of the bowl, adding more texture, is softened ice cream and homemade coffee jelly. The final touch to a already grand dessert is a shot of their homemade espresso poured into the middle of the kakigori.


A small unassuming shop located at a residential area, Chimoto serves one of our most loved kakigori in Tokyo. Our favorite is their number one selling kakigori, a mix of two classic flavors of kakigori, Milk and Matcha in one kakigori.

The result is one of the most flavorful, yet subtle kakigori we’ve ever tasted. Coupled with a cup of their tasty houjicha (roasted green tea), this is one shop you don’t want to miss this summer.


Ice Monster Japan

Hailing from Japan’s neighboring country, Ice Monster is a Taiwan original store specializing in shaved ice. Opened in April 2015 in Omotesando, Ice Monster have been reinventing the kakigori scene in Japan for its unusual flavored ice block. The resulting shaved ice is a smooth, fluffy shaved ice experience

Try their Tapioca Milk Tea or Mango Kakigori. Guaranteed to not dissapoint.